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26-foot Super Mover

4+ bedrooms

24' Household Mover

3-4 bedrooms

17' Easy Loading Mover

2-3 bedrooms

14' Thrifty Mover

1-2 bedrooms

10' Mini Mover


Moving one way? Then your best selection to handle your upcoming move is the 26-foot Super Mover or 24-foot Household Mover. These vans can easily, safely and smoothly handle up to seven rooms of household goods. There's more than enough capacity to carry those little extras you might have to leave behind now... and pay to replace later. Also, our exclusive Mom's Attic (the extra storage space we provide directly above the cab) is the perfect place to transport your most delicate possessions.

Even if you're making a local move, larger is better. More floor space lets you stack lover and spread things out. So even if you don't need every inch of space, you'll find that all this extra room takes the real work out of loading and unloading. And the extra space means fewer trips, too.

Loading has never been easier, thanks to our Low Decks. U-Haul moving vans are specifically built close to the ground. Plus, our loading ramps - the widest in the industry - reduce the time and effort needed to take your belongings in and out of the van body.

Which would you rather load?

Convenient, padded rub rails with integral tie-downs on every interior wall, smooth decks and plenty of other built-in features make you feel right at home. There's ample legroom, head-room and stretch room. Plus, our air conditioning is sure to help you keep your cool on a summer moving day.

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